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Welcome … you have finally landed!

Hi, I’m Rita Hari

My passion is to teach busy women how to get healthy, stay healthy and feel great the right way.

How, you may ask?

Well, you get to take the time out of your hectic, stressed life and talk to someone about your health goals and receive the personal attention you deserve.  For most women, and I am no exception, confidence is tied to our weight and body image. Even though deep inside, we all know inner beauty trumps all, we still get caught in the illusion that “skinny” =  happiness, love and living a fulfilling life.

My answer to this illusion is:

If we can’t beat it, I say we have it all! You can have the body you adore. Let me say it again – you can have the body you appreciate and utterly adore … and more!

You can maintain weight loss, increase energy, reduce stress, have glowing skin and feel confident in your body. My deepest desire is to make weight – those three pesky numbers on the scale – a non-issue so you can start living the joyful, passionate life you deserve.

Keys to the program’s success:

  • No more yo-yo diets

  • No more counting calories

  • No more shame or guilt

  • No more deprivation or major emphasis on willpower

  • No more no pain no gain mindset

  • No. More. Struggle.

Learn the secrets, get inspired and allow health to naturally become your new normal. I'll show you how!