Energy Don’t Fail Me Now: Avoid the Midday Slump

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Energy Don’t Fail Me Now: Avoid the Midday Slump

Our energy is everything. Pure energy is the fuel we need to be who we were meant to be.  Having good energy allows us to go after our dreams, be 100% present in our relationships, and fully participate in this human experience. I’ve heard it said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that’s too good to waste on being tired. Right? Right!

Here are 11 quick, easy ways YOU can bump up your AWESOMENESS and feel productive and energized throughout your day:

1. WATER & SLEEP: I am going to combine the first two because they are my cornerstones to good health. Sleep at least 7 hours and water, quick guide half your weight in ounces. If you missed it, check out my video blog (vlog) on the importance of these here.

2.  BREAK-FAST. Yes, it is important, especially for weight-loss. After your 12-15ozs of morning water, choose a solid breakfast. Good protein and good fat with lots of nutrient dense veggies and berries is what I do most of the time. My goto, no-brainer is a shake. A handful of organic spinach, mixed frozen organic berries, chia seeds, a wedge of avocado and a scoop of Vega protein powder. Try a few things out and see what gives you lasting energy. Remember is keep it simple.

3. SCHEDULE your day according to your energy levels. Figure out when you’re most productive and creative time is during the day and match your tasks to that circadian rhythm. Mornings, if you’re well hydrated and well rested, are usually the best times for most people, and after lunch is when our energy dips. So at this time you can schedule work that requires less brain power, responding to emails, calls, cleaning, laundry or organizing.

4. Organized. Speaking of clearing and cleaning, clean your space. Some people work great with messy areas, the whole method to their madness thing; however, most of us function better with organized areas. Clear space. Clear mind. Clear mind more energy.

5. Health Lunch. No energy zapping carb overload. My easy measure is 75% colorful veggies, palm size protein(could be animal or beans or lentils) with good fat. Could be your dressing (not creamy, extra virgin olive oil and lemon is my goto or avocado, nuts and seeds). Simple right? Right!

6. Get Up. Drink enough water that you have to take a bathroom break every hour. While you’re up, you can stretch or do breathing exercises. Just move. I’m a big fan of the standing desk, but if your work does not allow this, then just make sure to set an alarm of your phone to get up and move.

7. Connect. Call someone who makes you feel good. Just a quick 5-10 minute chat will shift your energy, especially if you’re feeling blah. Stay clear of negativity, it is an energy drainer.

8. Scent. Sniff some peppermint essential oil right out of the bottle (10 long inhales) or pour a drop or two on your hands and rub it on the sides, front and back of your neck. Peppermint is known as an energy-enhancing scent.

9. Get Outside. Nothing like the energy of the sun and fresh air to wake you up. Even a 10-15 walk will make all the difference. Just make sure you completely unplug during this time. No making work calls or thinking about your to-do’s. Be present and give your mind a rest.

10.  DANCE-BREAK. Find a private place, put on your jam and shake it. This one is my personal favorite.

11. Snack Smart. Easy, energizing snacks if you get peckish: nuts and seeds, hummus with veggies, apples with almond butter. Try my energy balls. here’s the recipe. Protein bars are okay, but check the sugar content- anything more than 12grams step away.

I hope there’s something here you can get excited about and try. Remember your energy is everything and it is our job to protect and maintain it, because we need you at your best. Please write back with comments or questions, I love hearing back from you guys. Oh, and feel free to share this post with anyone who you think might benefit.

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Have an energized day!


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