Health Coaching, Yes- It’s a Thing!

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Health Coaching, YES- It’s a Thing!

Check- out this article from the Wall Street Journal. Super excited that they highlighted Health/Wellness Coaching with actual studies from Mayo, Stanford and Harvard Clinics.

Here it is:

THIS STUFF WORKS! It works because trained Health Coaches get you excited again about the possibility. We work together to build confidence, strategies and actions towards your personalized HEALTH GOALS with support, care and accountability. Doctors don’t have time for this and it’s not their fault- they haven’t been trained. Health Coaching is a THING, because it is desperately needed.

If you’ve been struggling with low energy and weight loss, get some support and lean into a holistic approach to Health and Wellness. Together we’ll make it stick.

Reach out and schedule a Breakthrough Weight Loss Session today…IT’S FREE!

Here is a link to my calendar- Please book it NOW or Call Me! We’ll talk about your struggles, concerns, goals and much, much more!

Have a great day filled with love, laughter and good health!



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