Live Consciously, Catch Health: 

The 8 Pillars to Health & Wholeness is available NOW

Are YOU ready to Live Consciously and Catch Health? Are you ready to take charge of your health and happiness? Have I got a book for YOU! My book, Live Consciously, Catch Health: The 8 Pillars to Health & Wholeness is available NOW and I am super excited to share it with YOU.

I don’t really believe in accidents

Throughout the time I was writing this book, I pictured the exact person who would be drawn to it. This book is for someone who wants to experience true wellness and vibrant energy in their body and in their life. A person who is tired of conventional dieting, feeling bad about themselves, and not getting lasting results. Maybe there was a demarcation point in your life—a loss or an unexpected diagnosis; or maybe you’ve always been a caregiver, and the sheer busyness of your life has taken you away from taking care of yourself. The person I imagine holding this book is someone who feels frustrated and sometimes overwhelmed with their health and the direction life is taking them, yet is also hopeful, and deep inside knows there is more.

If this describes you, this book will set you on your path. It doesn’t matter where you are on your health journey; the Eight Pillars of Lasting Health & Wholeness discussed in this book will gently guide you to your destination and beyond. I say “beyond” because I believe getting healthy is just the beginning. Once you start feeling better, you’ll start thinking more clearly, and the possibilities of what you can do and be open up.

Who knows what’s possible?


This is not a diet book, it’s a book about:

  • Healing what needs to be healed

  • Connecting with your true nature

  • Accepting where you are in your health journey

  • Taking small, consistent steps towards your goals

  • Practicing radical self-kindness

  • Being responsible for your energy and your thoughts

  • It's about learning how to be an active creator of your life.

Trust me, this is the evolved way to Health & Wholeness. Get the book, connect with me and let’s make this “healthy lifestyle” thing happen for you. I am with you every step of the way. xoxo