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Rita Hari

Integrative Heath Coach and Yoga Instructor

Like many people, I used to think that the “no pain-no gain” approach of intense discipline and willpower, sprinkled with deprivation, was the only way to get skinny and “be happy.” I wasted a lot of time stuck in the mindset of “feeling fat,” counting calories, dieting and over exercising.



I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I was consumed by those three numbers on the scale. 

Does this sound familiar? Let’s see. I was a regular at every group fitness class. I started running a lot and ate whatever “the experts” were telling me – this was during the non-fat, low-fat craze. I counted calories, ate tasteless food and felt bad if I ever overate or didn’t follow the plan. This reenactment went on for a while. Looking back, I was never overweight, but those last 8-10 lbs. took up way too much precious time and energy. More importantly, I felt as though I was always chasing something that was beyond my reach.

One other thing, one other BIG thing – in 1999, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After a battery of tests and biopsies, I had no name for what I developed or no known cause, just a connective tissue issue. I was in shock. Here, I thought I was living a “healthy” lifestyle doing everything right. Without being given much insight, I was sent on my way with a prescription and instructions to come back each month for blood tests. After a month of feeling nauseous and wiped out, I decided to take control of my situation – and I definitely had a situation. I researched everything I could find regarding my condition and learned how diet, sleep, exercise and stress – especially stress – played a major role in inflaming or managing my dis-ease. I was on a mission to heal my body and bring back the ease.

And then it happened … the real gift came while I was training for a marathon. I was introduced to the healing practice of yoga and meditation. I tell students, for me it wasn’t love at first class, but more of a slow burn. Through this practice, I was able to reconnect to my body in a different way and I experienced a real glimpse of contentment, joy and love for my own body.

This was so new and exciting to me. I wanted to share my experience with others, so I signed up for a year-long yoga teaching training program. Teaching yoga was the entry point for me and I have been teaching since 2006; however, not until I did my first 21-day cleanse did I realize how nutrition and conscious eating brings real health and vitality to the body. So I trained with the best integrative nutrition school in the country, based out of New York at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. During my training, I studied more than 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

This is not a fad or a diet. It is truly a lifestyle shift to optimal health and happiness.

Learn the secrets, get inspired and allow health to naturally become your new normal. Stop chasing skinny and catch health once and for all. I'll show you how!