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Here’s what real people are saying…

My coaching, cleanse and yoga programs aren’t all about me knowing what’s best for you. They are about you and your own self-discovery and desire toward a better, healthier YOU. I take a holistic and integrative approach when it comes to health, allowing for your body to tell you what’s working and what isn’t. I believe this approach makes it easy to naturally be your healthiest self.  While I’m serious about helping you feel your best, I will lead you along the journey with the utmost understanding, encouragement and focus.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at what previous clients have said.

I was feeling overwhelmed with a pre-diabetic diagnosis and needed help with my sugar addiction and weight loss. Within a week of working with Rita, I felt a major breakthrough. I was planning my meals, drinking more water and making health a priority. There is so much information about eating healthy and it can be intimidating. Rita is great at distilling that information into a plan that you can live with and make yours. She is inspiring and passionate about helping you live your best life. I most certainly recommend her coaching program.
Gwen Surratt
Columbus, OH
In the beginning I didn’t connect it all and I just wanted her to give me a plan of what to eat and when. And I wanted to do everything perfectly that was suggested during my sessions. As much as she appreciated my efforts, she quickly realized this and wanted me to take a step back, ensuring me that this process shouldn’t add additional pressure and that I didn’t have to do everything perfectly to get results. She emphasized that all I need to do to is integrate small steps into my life and be kind to myself along the way. With that being said, Rita Hari’s program is amazing! I lost 15 lbs., which exceeded my goals. I am thrilled with the results and I would recommend this program to anyone who is open to a unique approach. Thank you Rita Hari Wellness. Forever grateful.
Sabrina P.
Atlanta, GA
The most meaningful insight for me, during the 21-Day Cleanse, was the ‘way’ Rita guided me successfully through the program. She was the teacher/instructor, but I felt her to be more like a guidance counselor. The most important lesson was acceptance and forgiveness for myself. If I didn’t follow the ‘rules’ for any reason for a meal, it was okay, and I was able to recover, stay focused and get back on track with the cleanse for my next snack or meal.
Sally Warsaw
Columbus, OH
Why do I recommend Rita’s approach? In one word: mindfulness. The 21-day Cleanse was an opportunity to take stock in my food habits – internally asking if they were working and tweaking the ones that weren’t. Centering myself around mind and body (through deliberate food choices), even for a few minutes a week, really helped me prioritize my needs. Rita fully invests in her students and creates meaningful change in a very significant, but gentle, way.
Kelly Dufour
Dublin, OH
Rita is such a remarkably gifted yoga instructor. There is something about her class that makes you feel amazingly wonderful both inside and out. She has the ability to lead a physical practice that also leaves you with a feeling of inner peace. She is a beautiful person and an inspiration to her students. I always look forward to taking her class and chatting with her afterwards. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.
Sharon Brobst
Dublin, OH
 I was one of Rita’s first students when she began her teaching career in 2007. I had no idea how yoga would change me physically and mentally. I am a tenured RN and have practiced most of my career in the operating room; the requirements of my position are physically and mentally demanding. Beginning yoga was challenging as I was lacking strength and flexibility, but Rita skillfully guided me, teaching the necessary breathing techniques that allow my body to fully relax into the poses. Now, when I enter yoga class I immediately relax. Rita’s students develop flexibility as well as strength, either one without the other is a set up for injury. She focuses on core strength to protect the spine. Weight bearing is incorporated as we use our own bodies as weights and balance is a component of each pose; posture improves as a result. Class finishes with Savasana, in which the body enters deep relaxation where tensions and thoughts are acknowledged and released. After each class, I feel as if I have my 10-year-old body back, it’s as if I have had a full body massage. An added bonus is that over the past 8 years, I have lost 13 pounds (without dieting). I have made attending Rita’s yoga class my #1 health and wellness priority.
Yolanda B.
Columbus, OH
Before I started taking yoga classes I never realized how tight my muscles had become due to the stresses of work and sitting for hours at a desk. Rita’s classes are not only calming, but restorative for body and mind. She guides the class visually as well as verbally, giving individual attention to any and all when needed. My initial goal in taking yoga was not to become more flexible, but to prevent becoming less flexible. With Rita’s assistance and guidance I have achieved both.
John D.
Columbus, OH
I’ve been taking yoga for several years and I find Rita’s class both challenging and renewing. She not only gives a great workout, but brings a warmth and genuineness to the class.
Gail H.
Columbus, OH
I love Rita’s yoga class! I’ve been taking her class for over two years. Her personality & ability to connect with students makes me look forward to the mornings I take her class. She’s positive about life & yoga but doesn’t take herself too seriously… she realizes we’re all students. I would encourage anyone, yogi or beginner, male or female, young or old, to give it a try!
Judy Wilkins
Columbus, OH
The 21-day cleanse program was a great experience for me. After I had my son, I wasn’t able to loose the baby weight. I tried all type of exercises and personal trainers. I would loose weight while I was active but if I am not regular with the workouts, I would quickly gain it back. By doing the 21-day cleanse, I was able to loose 18 pounds and felt great physically and mentally. I am glad that I decided to do the cleanse program. I’m planning to do it again this year. It was a pleasure to do the cleanse with Rita. I miss you and your yoga classes.
Ritu Narwal
New York, New York
I am an Osteopathic family physician and have participated in Rita’s yoga class for 5 years.  I am well aware of the mind/body connection and see it daily in my patients who suffer from stress and unhealthy lifestyles.  Yoga is excellent to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility as well as calm the mind and improve mental health.  I recommend it to my patients for its exercise benefits and calming effects on mood.  Rita’s instructions are clear and easy to follow.  Her class is the exercise highlight of my week.
Carolyn Bullock, DO 
Carolyn Bullock
Dublin, OH

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