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These workshops are designed for you to deepen the quality of your practice, push through boundaries and receive the juicy benefits.

Yoga for a Youthful Spine:

You’re only as young as your spine is flexible 

I love this quote and those of us that practice yoga know this to be true.  Working with the spine deepens our yoga practice, brings suppleness and vitality to our bodies and minds, and reverses the aging process.

So come join me for two hours of spine-centered yoga. Connect with your body through a well-designed sequence, in which we will focus on alignment, presence, and conscious breathing.     We will forward bend, twist, rotate, stretch and backbend to order to unlock the subtle stream of energy that lives in the spine so you can allow for a deeper, richer more beneficial yoga experience.

A strong and flexible spine brings pure freedom to the body, and renders you ageless.  Your back has always had your back.

Spring Yoga Detox:  

Time for some deep “Spring” cleaning.  Get ready to press the”reboot” button and refresh the body,mind and soul.   Come join me for a 2-hour Spring Yoga Detox Worksop!   We will work on systematically stretching, compressing, releasing and engaging every part of the the body in order to flush out toxins, wastes and anything else that is holding your body back from true health and vitality.


We will build heat from the inside out through a fluid sequence of postures and conscious breath work.  Restoring the body to its’ natural balance and cultivating clarity and calmness of the mind. All levels welcome. This detox workshop will leave you feeling refreshed, restored and cleansed.

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